Inspire les Canadiens – dans le sport et dans la vie

In-House Education Programs


Learning through Sport Artefacts

Grades K-3

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies and Language Arts

Learning Through Sport Artefacts – Teacher’s Guide

  • A hands-on learning experience with sport artefacts from Canadian history such as a 1988 Olympic Torch and skates from the early 1900s
  • Ability to pair this program with WinSport’s Learn to Skate program to make it a full day program

Spectacular Sports Moments

Grades 4-6

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies, Language Arts  

Spectacular Sports Moments - Teacher’s Guide

  • Uses stories of inspirational athletes, such as Terry Fox and Silken Laumann, to teach effective storytelling, values and life skills

Art of Motion

Grades 5-6

Curriculum Connections: Fine Arts

Art Of Motion - Teacher’s Guide

  • Analyzes the composition of sports photographs and artefacts to teach artistic elements

Science of Sport

Grades 6-9

Curriculum Connections: Science

Science of Sport – Teacher’s Guide

  • Looks at how the innovation in the design of athletic equipment has transformed sports and improved performance

Shaping our Identity

Grades 9-12

Curriculum Connections: Social Studies

Shaping Our Identity – Teacher’s Guide

  • Looks at how nationalism, globalization and sports have been intertwined throughout world history

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