The Legend of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

August 23rd, 2018

The Legend of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame

The year was 2009. It was a time before Instagram, a simpler time. Chunky earrings were in-style and the Harry Potter movies were still being made. Life was good. Calgary had just won the bid to bring Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame to Canada Olympic Park. Little did Calgary know that it was to become home to the most Canadian building, ever…

A legend has passed through these hallowed halls since before its opening in 2011. It can be heard whispered in hushed conversations and shared privately in chain emails. Allegedly, not only is this building the place for recognizing all of Canada’s greatest athletes and sports builders, and designed with a maple leaf facade on the outer glass, but also, was designed with something even more Canadian than a bag of milk: a Tim Horton’s box.

No, we’re not trying to roll-up-your-rim; there truly is a rumour that the building concept was demonstrated with a box from Tim’s. Reportedly, Stantec designer, Enzo Vicenzino, brought the box into one of his initial meetings with the team to explain his intention to create a building with a cantilever design: that cool floating feature that the outside structure has. So, not only is Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame a fantastic piece of architecture, but it is also Canadian right to its very essence. Or so legend has it.

Come visit the legend for yourself – www.sportshall.ca.