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Choose from the following opportunities:


Scavenger Hunt: ($150/50 adults)

Heighten your experience at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame by providing your group with a fun and informative scavenger hunt designed to meet your objectives. Our team will prepare a series of questions which your group will use to explore the Hall. This is a great add-on for fun competitions.


Photo with Artefacts: ($500)

Our curatorial team will research our inventory of 100,000 artefacts to find the perfect item(s) to match your theme, meeting objectives or special event. In addition to the research and preparation of the artefact(s), our expert historians will provide 2 hours of undivided attention to your group during your event. They will ensure that every individual has an opportunity to take photos with select artefacts. Have you ever wanted to hold an Olympic torch or a trophy or item from your favourite sport or time in history? This is your chance!


Themed Specialized Exhibit: ($500)

Our curatorial team will research, prepare and display select artefacts related to your themed event. Our staff will provide 1-3 hours of expertise to your group during your time at Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame. (Artefacts are subject to availability).


Hall of Famer Experience: (Market Price & Subject to Availability)

Inspire your team by giving them the opportunity to meet one of Canada’s greatest sport heroes. We can create an unforgettable experience for your team or group by welcoming in one of our Hall of Famer to speak about their unique challenges and achievements. Their stories and lessons can be applied to all aspects of sport and life.

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