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Building Features


In September 2016, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame was awarded LEED Silver certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED - is a measure of a buildings suitable design quality – this certification program is run by the Canada Green Building Council.)

Some of the Sustainable Design features of our building include:

  • Storm water management elements in the surrounding parking areas catch rainwater and allow it time to filter through the soil into the water table rather than running off pavements and into storm drains, collecting added pollutants along the way.
  • Because of the water-efficient landscape design and choice of plants, potable water (drinking- quality water) is not wasted on irrigation of the plants.
  • The roof is white, which reflects solar energy, helping to cool the building naturally in the summer months.
  • Low flow fixtures in the bathrooms – reducing water usage by more than 40% over traditional bathrooms.
  • The building is made up of 18% recycled materials and 20% locally extracted or manufactured materials.
  • More than 50% of the construction waste generated during the building process was diverted from landfills through a recycling program.
  • Interior paint, carpets, adhesives and sealants are low VOC, meaning that they do not emit high quantities of “Volatile Organic Compounds” –   VOC’s are toxic chemicals which can sometimes be present in such materials.
  • Recycling and non-toxic cleaning programs are part of the facilities daily operation, for ongoing sustainability.
  • Bicycle storage and change rooms are available to staff who choose not to drive their cars to work.

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