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Flag Protocol

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is a national institution with the utmost respect for the Canadian flag and what it represents. As with many other institutions, Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame will, at its discretion, lower the flag to half-mast as follows:

1. On the passing of an inducted Hall of Famer of Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame.
2. When we are notified by the Government of Canada, Province of Alberta, City of Calgary or WinSport’s Canada Olympic Park that a coordinated half-mast will occur to acknowledge a specific purpose.
3. In the event of a significant occurrence in the sporting community.

To note: A brief biography will accompany the notice when half-masting is carried out upon the death of a person. The flag will go back to full height within 24 hours of the conclusion of the funeral ceremony of the individual(s) being honoured.

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