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Artefact Talks



Grades: 3 – 9
Subjects: Health and Life Skills, Physical Education, Science, Mathematics, and Social Studies
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Artefact Talks are 45-minute virtual education programs delivered in real-time! With Q&A engagement and WebRotate      
360® software showcasing one-of-a-kind artefacts, these inquiry-based education programs simulate an in-person field trip experience
from the safety and comfort of your classroom!




   Recommended Grades: 3 – 9
   Main Subjects: Health and Life Skills, Physical Education
   Hall of Famers: Cindy Klassen and Lori-Ann Muenzer 
   AB & ON Curricular Connections: Click HERE
   Students will develop skills of wellness and healthy choices through
   inquiry-based learning and studying artefacts as alternative media texts, helping youth
   to identify how to face challenges, set goals, and explore teamwork and healthy interactions 
   in sport and beyond.

   Post-Visit Activities: Grades 3-6 - Health and Life Skills and Physical Education, Grades 3-6 Language Arts,          
   Grades 7-9 Health and Life Skills and Physical Education, Grades 7-9 Language Arts

Hall of Famer Cindy Klassen's Olympic Silver Medal



Recommended Grades: 6-9
Main Subjects: Science, Mathematics, Social Studies
Hall of Famers: Herb Carnegie and Stan Mikita
AB & ON Curricular Connections: Click HERE

Students will develop skills of scientific inquiry and mathematical data analysis through guided questioning and examining ice hockey artefacts that explore innovation in hockey equipment and advancement through technological and probability-based design choices. The program will share the stories of Hall of Famers connected to these artefacts, including Carnegie’s experiences with racism in Canada during the 1940’s and Mikita’s experience playing for Team Canada at the infamous Summit Series against the Soviet Union in 1972.

Post-Visit Activity: Grades 6-9 - Mathematics and Science 



Recommended Grades: 8
Main Subjects: Social Studies, English Language Arts
Hall of Famers: Marina van der Merwe, Gareth Rees
AB & ON Curricular Connections: Click HERE
Students will examine Japan using sports related artefacts as alternative media texts. Students will develop skills of historical, creative and critical thinking while demonstrating oral and media literacy by engaging in inquiry-based discussions about sports artefacts related to Japan that illustrate cultural aspects of its society, including hierarchical social and gender classes, while also drawing connections to how technological advancements can help shape worldviews. Post-visit activities will allow students to apply the research process and develop skills of media literacy by analyzing print or video media related to the 1964 and 2021 Olympic Games and use skills of informal debate to respond persuasively to express differing viewpoints to discussion questions. Students will also identify volunteerism and community service goals allowing them to give back to their communities.

Post-Visit Activity: Coming soon!


Recommended Grades: 11 – University
Main Subjects: English Language Arts, Social Studies, Sports History, Museum Studies, Sports Media
Hall of Famers: Dr. Sandra Kirby, Mary Bonnie Baker
Resources: Women in Sport Catalogue, Program Outline, Student Discussion Questions
AB & ON Curricular Connections: Click HERE

Women in Sport is a higher level, virtual education program that focuses on gender inequality and parity in
sport at the federal and international level, both historically and today. This virtual field trip uses a combination of
real artefacts from our collections as well as 360-degree views of digitized objects to help simulate an in-person experience from the safety and comfort of your classroom (or at home)! This virtual program is compatible with Zoom video conferencing software and can be delivered to university students at school or those connecting from home! For more information about this program, click here for the program outline, or contact the Manager, Education & Programming.


During and post Covid-19, virtual field trips can…
  • Provide a safe environment to simulate an offsite field trip experience;
  • Provide creative and alternative forms of content delivery helping you to meet curricular connections, and,
  • Allow you to connect with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame regardless of your location!


  • Reliable internet connection (3G or 4G) that allows you to connect externally from your school
  • Computer, projector, or screen so your class can see the presentation
  • Webcam (or other computer-based camera) so the presenter can see your class
  • Speakers and Microphone
  • Video Conferencing Software: Zoom
A CSHoF technology representative will contact you to arrange a connection test. It should only take fifteen minutes or less. A tech representative will also be available to help you resolve any technical issues that you may encounter leading up to or during the program.
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For more information, contact the Manager, Education and Programming at or 403-776-1059

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