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Innovation Exploration

New Asynchronous Virtual Scavenger Hunts!

Grades: 3 – 8
Subjects: Health, Social Studies, Science, Physical Education, Math, and French as a Second Language
Alberta Curricular Connections: 3-6 CLICK HERE, 6-8 CLICK HERE, French CLICK HERE
Registration Form: CLICK HERE


“Innovation Exploration” asynchronous virtual scavenger hunts are fun and educational recorded activities that provide students with new insights into innovations and adaptations that have transformed sports, making them a great option for teachers seeking a dynamic and flexible in-class or at-home activity. These curriculum-aligned scavenger hunts are available in both English and French for students in Grades 3-8! The virtual scavenger hunts are designed to be completed in about an hour, and feature a video tour of our galleries along with a series of questions to be answered on downloadable worksheets.



During and post Covid-19, virtual asynchronous scavenger hunts can...
  • Provide a safer environment to simulate an offsite field trip experience;
  • Provide creative and alternative forms of content delivery helping you to meet curricular connections;
  • Allow you to connect with Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame regardless of your location; and,
  • Allow you to take part in a virtual field trip on your own schedule!


  • Reliable internet connection (3G or 4G) that allows you to play video;
  • Computer, projector, or screen so your class can see the video; and,
  • Speakers, so your students can hear the facilitators.
You will receive an automatic email with the video and worksheets after you complete the registration form. Curricular connections are available above.

The best part? It’s FREE! REGISTER BELOW at absolutely NO COST thanks to the generous support of our sponsors!



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