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Inducted in 1977

Member Details

Date of Birth: July 31, 1958
Place of Birth: Quebec City, Quebec
Sport: Synchronized Swimming
Member Category: Athlete

Career Highlights


13 Quebec (provincial) titles in solo, duo, figures, and team events

24 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze at the national level in all events


2 Silver medals in solo and team events at Pan-Pacific Games


Silver medal in solo event at Pan-American Games

3 Silver medals in solo, figures, and team events at World Championships


World Champion after victories at the Scandinavian Open Championship and the Pan-Pacific Games



Sylvie Fortier dominated the synchronized swimming world during the mid 1970s. Fortier began her swimming career with the Synchro Elite du Quebec, a club known for its success at all levels of competition. Under the direction of coach Suzanne Eon, Fortier and her teammates quickly became familiar with the podium at competitions across the country and abroad. In 1973, Fortier's team won a gold medal in provincial competition. Later, at the national championships, Fortier claimed two individual bronze medals in the figures and solo events. The year 1974 proved to be a truly golden year for Fortier as she won a gold medal in every single event-solo, figures, duo, and team-at both the provincial and the national level. At the Pan-Pacific Games that same year, she claimed both a solo and a team silver medal. Fortier's winning record continued throughout 1975. She once again claimed gold in every event at the provincial level, dominated the mid-Canada regional competition, and won nearly every event at the national championships. She claimed three silver medals at the World Championships in the solo, figures, and team events, then went on to win gold in the figures event at the Pan-American games in Mexico. The pinnacle of Fortier's career came the next season. She once again dominated all provincial and national events and proved to be a powerful force on the international synchro stage. She beat American indoor champion Sue Baross at the Scandinavian Open Championship, then traveled to Japan to beat American outdoor champion Robin Curren at the Pan-Pacific Games. After these two tremendous victories, Fortier was named synchronized swimming's champion of the world. For her outstanding achievements, Fortier was named Quebec's Athlete of the Year and also received the Elaine Tanner Trophy as Canada's Junior Woman Athlete of the Year. Satisfied with her accomplishments, Fortier retired in 1977 at the age of 18.