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Inducted in 1955

Member Details

Date of Birth: March 18, 1900
Place of Birth: St. Francis, Quebec
Date of Passing: November 27, 1948
Sport: Boxing
Member Category: Athlete

Career Highlights


Beat Paul Berlenbach for world light-heavyweight title


International Boxing Hall of Fame

Hall of Famer JACK DELANEY


Madison Square Garden has been the site of some of the world's greatest boxing matches. It was always that way, and when the new Garden was built in 1925, one of Canada's very own was chosen to open it. The tall, lithe, and attractive Jack Delaney, who changed his name from Oliva Chapdelaine because ring announcers had trouble pronouncing his French surname, started boxing professionally at the age of 19. Born in Quebec, he was known from the start of his career as a knockout specialist with a deadly right hook. Delaney lost his first bid for the world light-heavyweight title in 1925 to Paul Berlenbach, but he turned the tables on Berlenbach the next year and claimed the title for himself. Throughout his career, he fought many of the finest fighters of the day, notably Tommy Loughran and Tiger Flowers. He retired in 1928, made a comeback in 1932, and after winning three fights by knock-out, he gave up the sport for good. His career total included 86 pro bouts, 42 of which he won by knockout, 27 wins by decision, one foul, and three draws.