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Inducted in 2015

Member Details

Date of Birth: 1850
Date of Passing: 1930
Sport: Ice Hockey
Member Category: Builder


James George Aylwin Creighton is often considered the "father of ice hockey." He developed his interest in hockey from playing sports as a young boy growing up in Halifax, where a stick-ball game called "ricket" or "shinny" was played on outdoor ice.

James at times took on the role of a figure skating judge at the Victoria Skating Club in Montreal. As a member of the Club, he organized opportunities for early morning informal hockey at the rink with his associates from McGill University and members of the Club. It was at this time that Creighton captained one of the two teams that played in the first recorded indoor game of organized ice hockey on March 3, 1875. It was this modest start which gave way to city-wide interest and led to the start of other ice hockey teams and to the growing development of the game.  In 1877, Mr. Creighton became the captain of the first known organized ice hockey team, the McGill University Hockey Club.