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Hall of Famers

Hall of Famer


Inducted in 1975

Member Details

Date of Birth: August 29, 1901
Place of Birth: Ottawa, Ontario
Date of Passing: June 2, 1986
Sport: Ice Hockey
Member Category: Athlete

Career Highlights


Won Stanley Cup - Montreal Canadiens


Won consecutive Stanley Cups - Montreal Canadiens


Hart Trophy winner

Retired as all-time scorer for left wingers


The careers of Aurele Joliat and Howie Morenz were inextricably bound for the better part of eleven years. Joliat joined the Montreal Canadiens in 1922-23, but it was the next year when the tiny left winger was paired with Morenz that great things started to happen. The duo led Montreal to a Cup win that first season together, and the year after that Joliat exploded for 30 goals. They won two more Cups as a pair, in 1930 and again in '31, and they continued to awe the Forum crowd with their spectacular play. Joliat was prematurely bald and wore a toque during games, and Morenz was flashier and perhaps faster, but they worked as a pair as well as any in the league. In 1933-34, Joliat won the Hart Trophy as league MVP. During their years together, Joliat averaged more than 15 goals as season. When Morenz died in hospital in 1937, Joliat was never the same. He had just six goals the following year, after which he retired. He had played 16 seasons with Montreal, won three Stanley Cups, and totaled 270 goals, a record for left wingers that stood for many years.